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Leisure Travel

CretanVipTravel proposes and organizes leisure trips depending on each client’s tastes and preferences, while ensuring the most beneficial offers.

We design, plan and execute an enormous list of tourism activities, guided tours and visits to museums and archaeological sites.


• Outings in nature

• Visits or tours to archaeological sites and museums

• Separate evenings in nightclubs, accompanied by local traditional music (Cretan evenings).

• Going out to night clubs

• Visits to water parks or recreation rooms

During the tours and trips, we offer multilingual escorts and guides who can provide excellent communication and service to customers from various countries of origin. The guides – escorts service during your tours, are available at an additional charge as not included in the original reservation.


Difference between a simple driver and a certified tour guide

A simple driver is the person who will be with you from the moment you embark on the vehicle till the end of your trip, at the point of arrival at your resort stay. A simple driver does not have right of entry to museums and archaeological sites.

On the other hand, an official tour guide has certified university education. Only official certified guides are able to enter any site, either archeological or not. 

Note that we are extremely flexible and open to any recreational proposal that you might have, which we can make true, after having consulted with you.


Trust us and enjoy the highest quality, constructive and fun leisure travel, living an experience you will certainly want to repeat!

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